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 Grices Road Reserve, Berwick

I worked with artist/sculptor Julie Squires in creating a Public Art Work at Grices Road Recreation Reserve in Berwick in 2013. We held a number of community days in which the general public took part in creating ceramic tiles to contribute to the work and sixty meters of tiles later here is the finished work adorned on the outside with painting by Julie.


Grice Rd

Thomastown West Primary School Mural

In 2012 I spent first term  creating this amazing mural with Year 4 and 5 students from Thomastown West Primary School. The mural was inspired by the diversity of cultures found in the school and thirty eight in all just in the two years I worked with. The five meter mural is yet to be painted around and to be capped by a metal wave featuring the name of the school.


St Peters School Tiled Couches

In 2012 I was Artist in Residence at St Peters Primary School in Epping.  Grade four and fives student’s worked with me one day a week to make and paint all the tiles for these wonderful couches that enhance the surrounds of the new frog pond area.



Gowrie Child Care Centre Mural (Docklands)

In 2012 I was an Artist in Residence at The Gowrie Child Care Center in Dockland. With over eighty children aged three to five years old we created all the tiles for this wonderful tactile mural.


St Peters Mural Epping, April 2011

This wonderful ceramic mural was created with the Prep and    Grade 5 and 6 students during art classes in 2010. It was then             installed on the newly completed building that links the old school to the new. It tells the story of Epping from settlement through to          recent times.




Art Projects Archives –   1   3   4   5

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