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Good Shepherd Mural

Today I attended the Good Shepherd Community House in St Albans to launch its ceramic mural project. Participants and staff turned out to view the art work for the first time and were very happy with the results. Over the course of a few months earlier in the year I ran weekly workshops in which it was created. It has now been installed in the back yard and is a wonderful colorful addition to the surrounds.



Murrumbeena Primary School – Artist in Residence

At last the Arts Victoria Funded Artist in Residence at Murrumbeena Primary School I have been involved in has been launched. Along with year 3, 4, 5 and 6 student’s and Art Teacher Jenny Solomon we made a creative play space and interactive ceramic installation. The Theme was “90 Years of History” drawing on the rich and diverse history of the area including the famous art family the Boyd’s, the areas Indigenous story and that of settlement. Six sculptured totem poles covered in information and images can be explored to discover the history of the area and fabulous pictorial stepping stones weave around the poles. It’s very exciting that at last its creators can explore the completed art work and enjoy their creative endeavors.



Tactile Impressions – Harmony Park

I have been working on a joint project installation titled Tactile Impressions along with artist Forest Keegel. It is for an All Abilities Playground in Harmony Park Coburg that was funded by Arts Victoria and the Moreland Councii. The art project has been community driven and developed with members of the Friends of Harmony Park group in consultation with the Coburg North Primary School and the Coburg Special Development School with artistic guidance from Forest.Together we created a sculptural installation made up of inter-related components reminiscent of remnants of dinosaur skeletons. The surface of the sculptural forms have been textured by making impressions using leaves, sticks, bones and  models of insects. You can view the final outcome at Harmony Park 185-195 Gaffney Street Coburg.


March 2007

Brighton University (UK) School of Health Professions – Tree of Health Mural

I’ve been having a fantastic time at the Eastbourne campus of the Brighton University, Department of Occupational Therapy, creating “The Tree of Health” ceramic wall mural with the staff and students. Over a two week period the ceramic studio was open most afternoons for anyone to wonder in and take part. Participants could contribute as much as they liked or as little, with some opting to make only a leaf. Many of the leaves have words associated with health impressed into them. To evaluate the health benefits of taking part in art making people are encouraged to write a message expressing what emotions the experience evoked in them and tie it on a branch installed in the room. The mural will be approximately 1.2 meters x 1.8 meters and will find a home on campus.



Water Wall Mural: Veg Out Community Garden St Kilda

I was commissioned by South East Water in 2005 to make a ceramic wall mural at the Veg Out gardens along with artist Salvator Lolicato and community members. The event was for the launch of Water Week and many people of all ages took part making tiles using imagery inspired by the Water Wise message. The resulting colorful mural is enjoyed by many and is educational in content even including a desalination plant.

1veg out mural

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