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“From Nature” Gasworks Arts Park Out Door Sculpture Exhibition

My latest sculpture “Earth Mother” was made for the Gasworks Arts Park  ”from Nature Exhibition April 11th-12th 2015.


Paper Sculpture Animal Guides

I ran a workshop at Seven Sisters Festival creating paper sculptures. Eighty fantastic creations made over the two workshops.



Waitangi Multicultural Day

A Community Art project for Waitangi Multicultural Day on the 7th February.


Melbourne Goddess Festival

I was to be facilitating a workshop for the Melbourne Goddess Festival 2015 at the Eltham Community Center but sadly it was canceled. My workshop ~” The Clay Goddesses: in which we honor the body of the earth mother and the goddess as we dive deep into a guided meditation and our creative hearts. We are gifted her body in the form of a clay egg which we transform into the Goddess as she emerges through the gift of our touch and inner knowing. She who is created is yours to take home to form part of your own honoring ritual in sacred space.”


TreeSisters Creative Clay Play & Meditation Workshop

I have become involved with a UK based  organization TreeSisters , who are “growing a global network of women supporting the emergence of embodied feminine leadership and crowd funding tropical reforestation”. They invite women to find ways to actively co-create with them and I have been drawn to the cause. I give a monthly donation towards planting trees which off set’s my using a creative medium that requires the energy consuming process of firing kilns. Until recently I was also holding  TreeSister Creative Clay Play and Meditation workshops as a fundraiser, with all money raised going towards tree planting and projects that include growing forest corridors to protect endangered species in Brazil, restoring mangrove forests in Madagascar, replenishing the watershed of Mt Kenya and rescuing agricultural lands in India. I hope to resume these in months to come and will inform you when I do.


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