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The Song Room – Manorvale Primary School

I worked as Artist in Residence at Manorvale Primary School in forth term creating sculptures for the Fruit Orchard  as part of The Song Rooms Creative Community Projects engaging parents of the Karen community, people from southern and southeastern Myanmar. We created three sculptures one recognizing the Karen culture, the seven seasons of the Kulin nation Victorian indigenous Australians and the last the local Werribee area.

The Song Room – Annunciation Primary School

I worked as Artist in Residence at Annunciation Primary School in forth term enhancing the children’s veranda area with clay murals made with parents as part of The Song Rooms Creative Community Projects. Each parent created their own piece and then we did a communal tree in which the students and staff created the leaves and flowers. Once the new furniture arrives next year the students will have an amazing colourful space to hang out in.

‘From Nature’ Exhibition Gasworks Arts Park

The work I created for this exhibition was inspired by my love of nature and my volunteer work with a UK based charity TreeSisters: women seeding change whom are partnering with organizations  to reforest tropical forests. I wrote this poem as part of the work.

Home Sweet Home “In the forest of my home, I never ever felt alone, until you cut all the trees, and stole the whispers of the breeze. In the absent landscape frame, there’s no longer any rain, in my heart I feel the cost, my forest home our greatest loss”

Wedding Commission

I was commissioned to create a VW Combie Van for a wedding. It caused many challenges but I was able to find a plan online which made it easier. Very happy with the result and so were the bride and groom. Thanks Kylie for entrusting me with your vision and may you live happily ever after and may all your dreams come true.

‘LID IT’ Exhibition

I have created a mixed media work for this show titled ‘Message in a Bottle’ using plastic bottle top. For more information and the Press Release follow this Link.

Collaboration with Artist Arthur Ted Powell

I have been creating Porcelain Vessels for Artist Arthur Ted Powell which he adorns with images of cityscapes from around the world. They have been successfully exhibited so far in Hong Kong as part of his ‘All Points of the Compass’ exhibition at the Nockart Gallery in 2016 and his ‘Eureka’ exhibition in Melbourne at Gasworks Arts Park.

Gasworks Artists Exhibition

I have been part of the Resident Artist Exhibition at Gasworks Arts Park – ‘Behind The Scenes’ will see these distinguished and award-winning artists exhibiting across Gasworks’ three galleries – the Foyer Gallery, the Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery and the Hall Gallery – and will offer art lovers a rare opportunity to view the variety of works that are produced within Gasworks Arts Park, spanning everything from hand crafted ceramics to large-scale sculptures to captivating visual artworks and beyond.

Behind The Scenes Exhibition Dates:
Tuesday 4 July – Friday 23 July 2017
Gallery times:
9am – 4pm daily
Gasworks Arts Park
Cnr Graham and Pickles Streets,
Albert Park, VIC

Sussex Street Neighborhood House Classes

On going clay classes at the neighborhood house.

Murrumbeena Primary School Artist in Residence 2017

As part of the Murrumbeena Primary School Centenary Celebrations I was invited to be the  Artist in Residence creating five sculptures to line the entrance way to the school. Each of the sculptures celebrated a twenty year timeline in which the students as part of there curriculum researched the history of the era. I also used historical images using Decals which were transferred on to some of the tiles.


My River Runs Down to the Sea

My River Runs Down to the Sea

Showing some of my nature photos in an exhibition in Werribee South. I have produced photos on canvas for the first time and very happy with the results.

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