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May 2008

As part of the Centenary of Women’s Suffrage celebrations in Victoria this year I am creating one hundred ceramic Suffragists. Last week I fired the latest group in the kiln and I am now on the final countdown with only ten left to make. I recently took the seventy I had completed out to the Brunswick Town Hall to be part of the Counihan Gallery Women’s Salon 2008: Persuasive Dissent Exhibition for an event title ‘Conversations”. This gathering celebrated art, music, politics and learning. My Suffragists created much discussion and people seemed to really enjoy the installation.


February 2008

The Age of Suff-Rage


This year sees me traveling all over Victoria dressed as a Suffragist with my latest project The Age of Suff-Rage.I have been busy creating one hundred ceramic suffragists each around 30cm in height to celebrate the Centenary of Women’s Suffrage in Victoria. I have teamed up with artist Fern Smith whom is researching and painting banners and we have created a traveling art installation. The project has its own newspaper with new editions with the latest news of our travels and both Fern and I have information on our websites about the project so as you can stay informed about our latest activities. Here I am pictured with some of my Suffragists including Vida Goldstein (center)  for a Media event to announce the funding at my studio in the Gasworks Arts Park. Gasworks Arts Park has auspice the project and we received funding from the Department of Planning and Community Development Grants Program -Centenary of Women’s Suffrage. Thank you to everyone who has helped to get the project up and running.

Here is a Link to Fern Smith’s website which has more information on The Age of Suff-Rage

The Art of Suff-Rage  Archives – 1 2 3

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