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The Journal of Australian Ceramics Article (Page 64) –‘Tree of Health’

‘Tree of Health’-Brighton University (UK) School of Health Professions. “Ursula has a very “natural” way of facilitating others to produce creative outcomes and to collaborate in a group project” Gaynor Sadlo Professor Occupational Science- Head of Occupational Therapy, University of Brighton UK
‘The Welcome Tree’-MacKillop Family Services “Ursula’s wealth of experience and creative input and guidance meant that we journeyed together through the creative process in trust, faith and true collaboration, which allowed the work to be developmental and evolutionary” Gill Knight (Project Worker Disabilities) & Helen Boots (Team Leader, Family Services) MacKillop Family Services
‘The Bodhi Tree’-Tara Institute “Ursula is a very special person, fantastic to work with. The planning happened quickly and easily and the process developed organically” Jenny Molloy Dharma Club, Tara Institute Newsletter 2010
‘The Dorcas Street Tree’-Housing Week 2009 Tree of Life Project. “The Tree of Life project is an exercise in exploring individual creativity, fostering a sense of community and co-operation between residents; and building pride in the place that people call home” Mr Foley said “I am very excited to have the opportunity to bring together Southport, Gasworks and local residents under a project funded by the State Government in the lead up to Housing Week 2009”. Gasworks Arts Park and the South Port Community Housing Group (SPCHG), facilitated by Martin Foley, the State Member for Albert Park, are proud to be supporting Gasworks Resident Ceramic Artist Ursula Dutkiewicz to run ceramic tile art projects at three of the SPCHG’s rooming houses as part of Housing Week 2009.
‘The Tree of Hope’-Housing Week 2009 Tree of Life Project. “South Port Community Housing Group is very proud of the beautiful works of art that have been created on three of our buildings. Three very lovely and individual trees full of life and humour and reflection grew over a number of days on previously bland brick walls. The trees were created by our tenants with involvement from staff and members of the local community.” Janet Goodwin Manager South Port Community Housing Group
‘The Layfield Street Tree’-Housing Week 2009 Tree of Life Project
The Song Room, St Joseph’s Primary School

The Song Room – Annunciation Primary School -“Ursula’s work with our school community has made a significant mark on our school. The parents and grandparents created some amazing clay stories about their lives and the lives of the people in our school. Under Ursula’s guidance people who have no experience of working with clay achieved artwork that we appreciate and understand. We know that it will continue to create wonder and interest as each new school member and family member sits and peruses its beauty and its story. Ursula has worked patiently with us and challenged our own understanding of our capacity as artists working with clay. She has enabled us, coached us and given us the confidence to produce great art and to share our own life stories while we worked. Throughout the experience, not only were we as artists engaged, but the children were extremely excited and keen to talk to us about the artwork. Look at the tree of life on one of the pillars. It represents each and every one of us in the difference and similarities of the leaves, the fruits and the animals. Thank you Ursula for your enthusiasm and your vision. The work on display is awe inspiring”.
The Song Room – St Pius X Primary School Creative Community Project 2016-Ceramic Mural ‘Tree of Life’ Artist: Ursula Dutkiewicz, in collaboration with: Parents, Students & Staff of St Pius X PS.
Armadale Early Learning Center-Made by the children, their families and staff of AELC in celebration of our 40th Anniversary 2017. Project artist Ursula Dutkiewicz. Funded by the Summons family of Hocking Stuart Armadale.
St Mary’s Primary School Tree Mural
‘The Wellbeing Tree’-Agoy Wellbeing Center
‘Tree of Leadership’-Albert Park College
Bouncing Over Boundaries Festival Tree- Kensington Pool – Kensington Management Company / Kensington Agencies Network. Created a wall mural for the Kensington pool with year 6 students from four local schools.

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