News 2023

Ursula’s Nature Treasure Hunt Kororoit Creek

Made it on to the front page of the local paper. This was a great project to be part of which is now happily installed on the Kororoit Creek in Sunshine for all to enjoy. I am so loving being a part of this community and working with my house mates Peter and Jason doing the metal work was great. Friday night I got to experience using the Treasure Hunt with a bunch of children which was so much fun. Many thanks to everyone involved including Friends of Kororoit Creek and the Ford Motor Company for the funding.

Star Weekly – Brimbank North West – 8th August 2023 by Star Weekly – Issuu

Open House Melbourne-Play with Clay

Our studio was a buzz with people with over two hundred visitors over the weekend for Open House Melbourne. I set up tables out the front and children and adults were invited to join in the fun. Here are some of the wonderful creations they made.

Open House Melbourne-Gasworks Arts Park

Visit Gasworks Arts Park this weekend for Open House Melbourne with studios, cafe and the gallery open to view. ‘Gasworks has 16 resident artists who work from studios that were originally workshops for the South Melbourne Gas Works and we invite everyone to come and see how these old, utilitarian, buildings have been re-purposed to become places of creativity. What’s On- Over the weekend visitors can enjoy open studios of the resident artists, Play with Clay and Wildflower Pressing activities for children, and a historical photographic display of the evolution of Gasworks from the 1880s to present day.

Play with Clay and Wildflower Pressing activities for children from 11am-3pm both days.

Installation FOCK- Ford Grant

Many thanks to the wonderful Friends of Kororoit Creek for commissioning me to create a Ursula’s Nature Wildlife Treasure Hunt.

This has been rather a special project bringing together Ursula Dutkiewicz Artist and Ursula’s Nature photographs in constructing a ‘Wildlife Treasure Hunt’ at the Bug Rug on my local Kororoit Creek~๐Ÿ’š~ Deeply grateful to the Friends of Kororoit Creek for the opportunity and to be able to showcase the wonderful wildlife that calls our creek home. Thanks to the volunteers who put in so much time in restoring the grasslands along the creek as it is creating habitat for more and more species to return to the area. Special thanks to our wonderful creek Warrior Woman and president of FOKC Jessica Gerger for her inspiration, creative ideas, hard work and leading us in wonderful creative direction to draw people to the creek.

Many thanks to metal worker Peter Hinton of (Sunshine Street Band) and jeweler Jason Patterson (from the Nicholson Building) for creating the metal work, you were both champions to the cause.

Thank you to the Ford Motor Company Fund who sponsored the project with a Gratitude Grant.

Gasworks Artists Exhibition-Renewal | 12-23 July

Renewal was received very well by the public and I had so many friends visit whom loved the show. Gratitude to my fellow artists, all the team at Gasworks Arts Park especially Tracey McIrvine our fantastic curator. Also, for the support from Gasworks Foundation, the City of Port Philip through the Rupert Bunny Foundation Special Project Grants. And thanks to Nick Manuell Photography & Other Things for the video and photography.

Thank you to Kathy Sport photography for this wonderful image from the exhibition.

Gasworks Arts Park Resident Artists Exhibition- To celebrate life and our return to optimism, this long-awaited group exhibition by Gasworks Resident Artists highlights a sense of resilience and recovery through the artistsโ€™ individual visual and aural interpretations of the organic nature and life force of the Gasworks Arts Park

  • Event Details –DATE & TIMES: Daily, 9:30am – 4:30pm (free entry) WHERE: Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery, Foyer Gallery & Heritage Hallway
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Wheelchair Accessible

Exhibition YouTube video Ursula Dutkiewicz

As part of our group show at Gasworks Arts Park our funding covered getting each resident artist their own documentation of creating the work for our renewal Exhibition. Plus, one showcasing all of us thanks to Tracey McIrvine our fantastic curator.

This project has been supported by the Gasworks Foundation and the City of Port Philip through the Rupert Bunny Foundation Special Project Grants

Video thanks to: Nick Manuell Photography & Other Things

Ursula’s Nature Treasure Hunt FOKC

I am working on a commission for the wonderful Friends of Kororoit Creek. This is from their facebook page.

Metalwork has begun on our Wildlife Treasure Hunt by Ursula’s Nature project! These beautiful ceramic prints created by Ursula Dutkiewicz Artist from her equally beautiful photos of local animals will be dotted around The Bug Rug – giving people a hint of what to flora and fauna to look out for.

Many thanks to Jason Patterson and Peter Hinton for their craftsperson ship and lovely metalwork.

Big thankyou to the Ford Motor Company Fund for funding this project.

International Rotary Conference concert

Many thanks to Rotary Club of Flemington Kensington for the opportunity to showcase my art, The Flowering Heart Project and the ‘Tree is Life- travelling art installation in Aid of TreeSisters. What a great evening put on by RC of FK as part of the festivities for the International Rotary Conference. Rotary funded a whole lot of trees and many of the international visitors present were gifted a little green heart. There was a lot of love in the room ~๐Ÿ’š~and a fabulous evening with special thanks to Retro San Dee of Retro Entertainment for getting me involved and all her support.

Earth Day at Sussex Neighborhood House

I was very happy to be invited to contribute to Earth Day at the Sussex Neighborhood House again this year. Six hundred of my ‘Every day is Earth Day’ images were on display on a big screen and a series of photos of Coburg Lake. Also, the ‘Tree is Life- travelling art installation’ and we funded over a hundred trees in Aid of TreeSisters with our little green hearts that grow trees.

Bird Images Westgate Park Bird Survey

I have been donating my Bird images to Rob Youl and the Westgate Park Monthly Bird Survey which you can check out here. I love getting down to the park and seeing what birdlife there is around.6 Mar Bird survey โ€“ Westgate Biodiversity: Bili Nursery & Landcare

Gasworks Artists Group Show ‘Renewal’

I am working on some new work for a Gasworks Arts Park Resident Artist Exhibition. It is our first get together in an exhibition since lockdown and has created quite a buzz in the park as we all look for inspiration from the environment around us.

Katie McLean Mystic Clay Workshop

I ran a workshop for Katie Mclean creating clay altar bowls. It was held on a new moon and we had a lot of fun.

KCNH Community Sculpture

I am going to work with the gardening group at Kororoit Creek Neighborhood House to create a Bird Bath for the garden. We had a morning workshop in which everyone created a ceramic tile. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Forest Therapy Australia

The wonderful Susan Joachim the President and Founding Member of the International Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance (INFTA) felt the value of the little Green Hearts and is generously giving them out at her training program.

Creative Clay Classes are back 2023

 So happy to be able to present my Creative Clay Classes again in 2023. This year we will continue with our handbuilding and very excited to see with mostly returning student what wonderful creation they will make.

Ceramic Artist / Mixed Media Artist / Community Artist