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CLAY STONES ~ Set your Intention in Stone~

A new workshop I am offering: CLAY STONES ~ Set your intention in stone~. This is a unique workshop where you can paint your own clay stones. Fun for any event including festivals or you can host in your own home. I am happy to set up at events and create an art work from all the stones painted and return to you when fired.

I also offer personalized name stones for weddings or any life event you want marked in stone, individually hand made, designed and painted.

Seven Sisters Festival

Excited to be  running a workshop at Seven Sisters Festival making animal guide paper sculpture.

In recent times I have had more chances to run workshops in mediums other than clay and I am really enjoying the opportunities

Brady Road Kindergarten

I have just completed an Artist in Residence at Brady Road Kindergarten making a Ceramic Mural with the ninety children whom frequent the center. It was so much fun and we created a sea monster out of all the tiles that were individually made by each child.

The Swan House

My latest work ‘The Swan House” inspired by a series of photographs taken by me  at Coburg Lake. As I watched a swan make her nest over a number of days, she dipped her head in the water and pulled out rubbish. The nest a beautiful construction by the end resembled a rubbish tip and filled me with sadness as to how uncaring we are of the environment we live in and share .

 Structure Exhibition Gasworks Arts Park

Group exhibition of studio artists from Gasworks Arts Park November 2013.

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