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World Environment Day Update

Here are the wonderful creations made on World Environment Day. And now to find a spot to install them along the Kororoit Creek. Community project with thanks to Brimbank City Council and their fabulous conservation team and the Friends of Kororoit Creek. Photos thanks to Jessica Gerger (President FOKC)

World Environment Day

I spent World Environment Day at the Stepping Stones down on the local creek. Many thanks to the conservation team at Brimbank City Council for organising and The Friends of Kororoit Creek. We had a wonderful time restoring the grassland by planting wildflowers, checking out the local water bugs from the creek, painting stones and having a yummy lunch. It was a fun community day and they also got to create Cockatoo tiles with me. Once fired we will find a fence to install them on along the creek.

Photos thanks to Jessica Gerger (President FOKC) and me.

Support Her Place Museum

Very happy to see my photo being used to support Her Place Museum on a pinned facebook post.

Visibility Needs Support Can you HELP tell Women’s Stories this EOFY?

The lives, experiences and contributions of women are still under-represented in historical narratives, museum collections and in the public sphere.

Our vision of gender equality needs collective support.

Her Place needs radical acts of generosity to make this dream a reality.

By making a tax-deductible donation by June 30 you’ll be helping Her Place to continue to grow our Feminist Reading Room & Children’s Collection and deliver public programs and events that share women’s stories and empower the next generation of Australians.

Donate to Her Place this end of financial year here:

Visibility Equals Inspiration – Empowering the Next Generation

Her Place is the home of celebrating Australian women and uncovering their inspiring stories.

Our brand new Feminist Reading Room and Children’s Book Collection is another triumphant step forward towards ensuring these important stories can be shared.

Our inaugural Her Place Children’s Open Day celebrated

the launch of the Feminist Reading Room and Children’s Book Collection, with fun activities, inclusive story time, and wonderful new feminist books!

Special thanks to all reading room supporters and participants including: Victorian Women’s Trust: Fleur Spitzer OAM sub fund and Gender Lens Australia for their significant contributions.

Thanks to Author and Story time host Nelly Thomas and writer Gabrielle Munoz of The Stella Prize who warmly and passionately promoted literacy, equality, inclusivity, respect and empowerment on the day.

Artist Ursula Dutkiewitz – The Art of Suff-Rage and Graphic Designer Kate Fitzgerald of Spin Spin studios who contributed to the day’s fun and educational activities.

Jan Harper and Sugar and Snails press for rare books and artefacts from the first Australian feminist publishing house.

Photography by Breeana Dunbar courtesy of The Victorian Women’s Trust

Can you HELP tell Women’s Stories this EOFY?

Her Place- Children’s Open Day

It was such a joy to be a part of the Children’s Open Day with an installation from The Art of Suff-Rage. Thank you everyone at –Her Place Museum for show casing my art installation and all your efforts in making it happen. It was really fun being in my suffragist outfit and taking part in the dress ups activity.

Untitled design – 2

Her Place Museum

I had a great time visiting Her Place Museum and introduced them to the Suffragists.

Events – Her Place Women’s Museum (

Farwell Gasworks

I have left my studio at Gasworks Arts Park, and I will miss all the artists especially and the community I love so much.  I’d like to thank all the staff who have helped me along the way and for hosting me over this precious time. Thanks to the City of Port Phillip and all those who have made my stay possible.  As I move away from Ceramic Art I look forward to new creative adventures and where I may go next. This artwork will go into the Gasworks collection thanks to Tracey McIrvine the Arts Manager.

Ceramic Artist / Mixed Media Artist / Community Artist